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LET'S TALK ABOUT SUCCS #001 - Introductions

Hello! My name is Bre Singleton and I am the owner of Sugar's Succulents, along with my husband Rob! I decided to make my first blog more of an introduction to our website, blog and business so that you can get an idea of who we are and what we are about! 

While we are still rolling out some of our website features, we intend for our website to be a place for you to learn basic care tips for succulents, sign up for our workshops, request custom arrangements & private events and even purchase individual succulents and cacti. 

Our blog name, "Lets talk about SUCCS" - is an homage to the great Salt n' Pepa! If you know, you know! ;) We are so, so excited to finally have a place to share all things succulents & cacti with you! You can expect to find tips on how to propagate your succulents and cacti, as well as project ideas and how-to's!

We are long-time succulents & cacti lovers and collectors! We quickly became obsessed with watching each one grow and bloom in its own way and eventually I started creating fun arrangements in our patio pots. I even started an Instagram account just to share pictures of our succulent collection. We started giving arrangements to close friends and family as gifts.

On Easter, 2016, our little 8 year old chihuahua, Sugar, passed away suddenly. We were devastated, as she was our baby, and we had her since she was a puppy. It inspired me to change the name of our instagram account to Sugar's Succulents, as a way to honor our little Sugar. We decided to make Mother's Day arrangements for sale, so we listed them on our Instagram account - to our 57 followers. In the 6 days that we had made the announcement, we were so blown away by how many orders we received, that we decided to sign up for the Rusty Roots Show that September. For the next few months we worked hard to create our booth, and also hand-making wood box planters and other arrangements. We had such a great time and received such great reception from our community that we knew we had to keep doing this! 

We spent the rest of 2016 setting up at local events and creating custom arrangements by word of mouth and Instagram. We made our business official January 2017 and opened up our shop July 2017.

At our shop you will find hundreds of succulents and cacti to choose from. We also host workshops and private events! We travel to San Diego once a month to pick up hundreds of quality succulents and cacti that have been hand-selected by us. Visit our shop to check out our selection, or feel free to message us if you are looking for something specific. 

Thank you for stopping by our blog and website. Stay tuned for our next blog!

- B R E  S I N G L E T O N